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FireBox Pro Ignition for the MOTO GUZZI!! Magneto replacements kits for 6 volt operation!!

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The 'Tri-Spark' should be definitely called the 'Transplant' as far as I’m concerned.
It lives up to the expectations I had for it and then some.
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...the way it idles is fantastic, I am very pleased with the conversion.I also have a 64 thunderbolt that I am rebuilding and I will fit it with the Tri-Spark system...
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Delivery charges apply - please see FAQ page for details. All prices quoted in Australian dollars. GST will be added at the checkout only if delivery is to an Australian address.

We stock spare parts for our kits not listed here - rotors, stators, control boxes - please enquire.

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Tri-Spark Order Code Prices: $AUD
FB - 0010 Tri-Spark FireBox for Honda CB750 550 500 400 $450.00 buy now
FB - 0020 Tri-Spark FireBox for British Twins and Singles $450.00 buy now
FB - 0030 Tri-Spark FireBox Pro for Moto Guzzi $450.00 buy now
PK - 0010 FireBox Programming Kit - PC software, cables and instructions $149.00 buy now
TRI - 0001 Tri-Spark for Trident and Rocket 3 - Original black box system $380.00 buy now
TRI - 0003 Tri-Spark Triple adjustable - same as above except black box has adjusters for rev limit and advance slope. Racing only. $430.00 buy now
TRI - 0002 Tri-Spark Classic Triple - No black box - suits Trident, Rocket3 and Hurricane $399.00 buy now
TRI - 0002-SD Tri-Spark Classic Triple - No Black Box with Mini Coils and HT leads- suits Trident, Rocket3 and Hurricane $575.00 buy now
TRI - 0005A  Tri-Spark Classic Twin for Triumph Twins (T100, T120, TR7RV, T140 etc), Norton Atlas, Enfield Interceptor - Clockwise Rotation $299.00 buy now
TRI - 0005B  Tri-Spark Classic Twin for Norton Commando (all models), BSA Twins, A65 etc, BSA and Triumph unit singles - Counter Clockwise Rotation $299.00 buy now
KIT - 0003  Tri-Spark High output alternator kit for Triumph BSA Norton and more - Lucas RM24 alternator and 3 phase regulator included $295.00 buy now
KIT - 0001  Tri-Spark 10 amp single phase alternator kit for Triumph BSA Norton and more - Lucas RM21 alternator and single phase regulator included $275.00 buy now
ROT - 0001  Lucas alternator rotor $195.00 buy now
MRK - 0001 Tri-Spark magneto replacement kit $529.00 buy now
SPR - 0005A Classic Twin A Stator - Spare Part $220.00 buy now
SPR - 0005B Classic Twin B Stator - Spare Part $220.00 buy now
60-4516 Ballast Resistor required for triples with 6 volt coils $15.00 buy now
IGC-1006 Tri-Spark Power 6 volt ignition coil - 2 required for Classic Twin $59.00 buy now
IGC-1012 Tri-Spark Power 12 volt ignition coil $59.00 buy now
IGC-1004 Tri-Spark Power 4 volt ignition coil - 3 required for some Lucas RITA installations $59.00 buy now
IGC-2012 Tri-Spark dual output 12 volt coil order SPL-0030 caps separately $59.00 buy now
IGC-2006 Tri-Spark dual output 6 volt coil - order SPL-0030 caps separately $59.00 buy now
BRK-0001 Bracket for above dual output 6 and 12 volt coils - Currently out of stock $39.00
SPL - 0010 Single HT lead and Suppressor cap - Straight coil end fitting - A65, Rocket3, Hurricane - buy 2 for twins, 3 for triples $13.00 buy now
SPL - 0020 Single HT lead and Suppressor cap - Right angle coil end fitting - T140, T150, T160, Norton Commando, TR7RV and others - buy 2 for twins, 3 for triples. $13.00 buy now
SPL - 0030 Single NGK Spark Plug cap - Suppressor type - Right angle - suits most British bikes $6.20 buy now
VR - 0001 Regulator Rectifier 12 volt 12 Amp max $80.00 buy now
VR - 0003 Regulator Rectifier 12 volt 3 phase 240 watt POD-3P PODtronics $135.00 buy now
SPR - 0001 Spare part / Special order $1.00 buy now
Ignition Spare Parts: Did you know we have spare parts for our kits? Please send us a detailed message with your requirements. Enquire enquire



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