Classic Twin - Secrets Revealed

Author: Stephen Kelly   Date Posted:3 December 2017 

Tri-Spark Classic Twin Secrets Revealed…..for your eyes only


We get asked all the time what makes our Tri-Spark Classic Twin ignition (for British Twins and singles) so different from the rest and I thought it was time to share that story with our customers and friends.

The problem we solved – when the engine is turning slowly and erratically during kickstarting and idling – the rotation of the crank can be difficult to predict – sparking at the wrong time can result in painful kickback, hard starting and lumpy running.
The solution – we use 2 position sensors – one dedicated for slow speed and one for normal running. By comparing the readings from these 2 sensors we get a much more detailed picture of what the engine is doing at low speed. Competitors can’t make this claim!
The result: 
  • A steadier idle
  • Easier starting without kickback – see testimonial from Brian Nicholls below
  • Smooth running throughout the rev range
  • Reduced power consumption and less heating of the coils 

More unique features

  • LED indication of static timing – extreme accuracy. 
  • Easy self-test - complete testing of the ignition system and coils without having to jump on the kick starter!
  • No black box – simple wiring, easy installation and originality maintained.
It all adds up - making your riding more enjoyable - we would love to hear your comments!

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