New 6 Volt Magneto Replacement Kit

Author: Tri-Spark   Date Posted:27 April 2017 

6-Volt Magneto Replacement
All new for 2017 is the Tri-Spark Magneto replacement kit for 6 volt operation and the option of electronic advance and retard or fixed timing.
A further option to supplement the usual parallel twin version is the V twin or offset crank setup by popular request!
The kits suit a number of applications where the engine was originally fitted with a 3 bolt flange mounted magneto such as the pre-unit Triumphs, BSA A10s, Vincent twins and singles and Velocette to name a few. These kits utilise our Classic Twin TRI-0005 ignition installed in a small alloy distributor style housing made from solid AL and highly polished. 
Due to many requests we have created new options including 6 volt operation, no advance and retard and offset crank options for v twins like the Vincent and rephased offset crank engines which are often 90 degree offset.
A typical kit for a Pre-unit Triumph on 12 volts (pictured above) includes the alloy housing, Tri-Spark Classic Twin electronic ignition, a dual lead ignition coil IGC-2012, HT leads, spark plug caps and fitting instructions. Part number MRK-0001
Options available: 6 volt operation, no advance and retard, offset crank or V-twin and single cylinder. 
Why No advance retard? Some engines were originally equipped with a mechanical auto advance drive gear for the magneto and if you wish to retain the operation of this gear you will need to order the fixed timing option. A better alternative (more stable timing) would be to source a solid drive gear and let the electronic ignition control the timing.
Possible applications include Pre-unit Triumph, BSA 10 and A7, Vincent twins and singles, Norton Atlas, Velocette and Matchless.
Please request the above options when ordering. 
This bike by one of our customers in Sydney prompted the 6 volt and no advance options to suit his engine - reports are it works better than ever !! He uses the original charging system with a small 6 volt lithium battery and amazingly the 6 volt version draws only 3 watts from the battery!

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