About Us

Welcome to Tri-Spark!

Our founder Stephen Kelly started the business more than ten years ago in Adelaide South Australia supplying high quality ignition parts for classic motorcycles around the world. 

People sometimes ask where the name Tri-Spark came from. It goes back to the first ignition product that was developed for the business by Stephen for his own personal machine - a 1975  TRIumph TRIdent .....T160

This is a motorcycle that Stephen has owned since 1986 so when he decided to design an ignition for his own bike it really wasn't so much about starting business in the beginning but more about crafting a system that would make his own bike run better. It seemed that the competitors were more about cutting corners with their wasted sparks and disappointing customers with bikes that were hard to start - so a fresh approach was needed.

Designing an electronic ignition system that would address all the issues was the aim and Stephen was up for the challenge with his 20 years of experience designing electronic products for a variety of industries.

The Tri-Spark ignition for Stephen's T160 was in demand right from the start with its sequential firing, fuel saving advance curve and idle stabilisation to keep the machine going at the traffic lights.

One of the first customers for the Tri-Spark Peter Bates said, ' after years of frustration with the competitor’s ignition box his machine was transformed and that it should be called the Transplant'

Taking a fresh approach and doing things differently to the competition is what sets us apart at Tri-Spark. From the simplicity of the Classic Twin ignition with its built in LED for setting up the timing and self-test mode to the FireBox Pro with its laptop interface there will always be something different about a Tri-Spark ignition.

Innovation can come in many forms. At Tri-Spark we spend time with riders through several motorcycle clubs and listen to what they need. All of the Tri-Spark ignition systems are designed and built in Australia.

Quality and Innovation are the key to Tri-Spark's success and the foundation of our customer service.