About Us

Welcome to Tri-Spark!

At Tri-Spark, we are dedicated to preserving the timeless spirit of vintage motorbikes. Our mission is to create innovative and reliable electronic ignition systems that enhance the performance and overall experience of classic riders.

We believe that every motorcycle deserves a spark of life, and our commitment to craftsmanship and technology drives us to deliver products of the highest quality. We strive to continually improve and push the boundaries of what is possible in electronic ignition systems.

Our passion for vintage motorcycles fuels our drive to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for riders everywhere. With Tri-Spark, you can trust that you are getting a product that not only performs, but is built with the love and respect that vintage motorbikes deserve.

Our founder Stephen Kelly started the business more than fifteen years ago in Adelaide South Australia supplying high quality ignition parts for classic motorcycles around the world. 

Taking a fresh approach and doing things differently to the competition is what sets us apart at Tri-Spark. From the simplicity of the Classic Twin ignition with its built in LED for setting up the timing and self-test mode to the FireBox Pro with its laptop interface there will always be something different about a Tri-Spark ignition.