FireBox Pro for Triumph, Norton and BSA twins FB-0020

Author: Tri-Spark   Date Posted:31 October 2016 

You've asked for it and now here it is! Programmable from your laptop PC, the FireBox Pro is a versatile ignition giving you the ultimate in performance from your Norton, Triumph or BSA engine. FB-0020

The advance curve can be set with 11 points by simply dragging the dots on the curve or by entering the values in the boxes. The rev limit is programmable along with the coil dwell time making it compatible with a wide variety of large and small ignition coils.


No wasted sparks unless you want them! This is a 2 channel box capable of firing both cylinders independently with enough flexibility to suit V-Twins, parallel twins or engines with modified crank angles.

What's different about it? The programmable settings for the advance curve, rev limit and engine parameters such as cam or crank triggering, electric or kick start, 2 or 4 stroke and number of cylinders allow you to tailor the operation to your specific requirements. We have supplied FireBox Pro kits for offset cranks, single cylinder speedway engines and supercharged Nortons to name a few.

The pickup unit fits easily under the stock covers while the control box hides under the seat or fuel tank or behind one of the side covers.

We can match this system up with some high powered ignition coils to get the best out of your high compression or supercharged engine. If you need a wasted spark installation ( for compatibility ) we can do that too.

The programming kit (software and cable) is sold separately. We can also supply the box preset to your requirements. Now you can have the performance you've been looking for from your classic racer or road bike!

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Looking for Triumph 3cyl rev limiter

By: on 29 June 2023
I’m preparing for a record attempt at Bonneville this fall, and would like to find a rev limiter. For my production class T 150 Triumph. What options do you have? Ike

Tri-Spark Response
Hello, we can help you with our FireBox Pro for the British Triples Racing bikes ( Contact us via email and we can assist you with your ignition for your T150

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