Comparing Voltage Regulators: Diode V MOSFET

Author: Tri-Spark   Date Posted:27 January 2021 

We have been asked how the MOSFET Voltage Regulator Rectifier works and what the difference is compared to a conventional diode voltage regulator.

Here is a video to explain the difference. We did three tests on both regulators: 1 Regular operation; 2 Operation with no battery; 3 Heat test after 15 minutes of operation

You can view the video below.



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Great Gear

By: on 19 February 2021
Steve has been good to me he supplied a new MOSFET regulator when my diode regulator cause havoc to my Norton. It has proved reliable, performance correct and provided worry free riding in any condition.

A better mousetrap.

By: on 5 February 2021
Your new Mosfet regulator really does look like an improvement over the current models. Thanks for your innovation.

Great Video

By: on 4 February 2021
Very informative and clear explanation, another addition to your fantastic range of products. Keep up the good work.

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