Ignition coils getting too hot? Try these new oil filled coils from Tri-Spark

Author: Tri-Spark   Date Posted:17 July 2019 

Sometimes old ideas prove to be the best.  In the early days all ignition coils were filled with oil which is a very effective insulator.  Unfortunately, they were assembled with paper and cardboard sections which were not always durable.  Now, with the latest CNC coil winding machinery we can make interlocking plastic bobbins with sectional windings to give a vastly superior build quality and still retain all the advantages of oil insulation.


Why Oil filled? There are at least 3 advantages. 


  1. Lighter than epoxy filled coils
  2. The oil dissipates the heat generated inside the coil far more efficiently than epoxy filled
  3. More robust than epoxy filled coils, less likely to fail prematurely from internal arcing if for example an HT lead becomes disconnected.

Oil filled coils have improved heat dissipation and work better than epoxy at transferring heat out of the coil.  These coils are perfect to use with our Tri-Spark Ignition systems.


  • High spark output 
  • 6-volt and 12-volt versions available
  • Cylindrical - appearance to look like the original Lucas 17M6 and 17M12
  • Size is 40mm diameter can
  • Tri-Spark logo lightly engraved in the top cap
  • Professionally packaged with terminal hardware included

With Tri-Spark coils you can have innovation and high technology together with old fashioned know how - best of both - it all comes together! The Good Coils


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Old but good

By: on 9 August 2019
Steve as a retired Telstra tech. Of 37 years service I have some idea of electronics both analogue and digital. Your return of the oil filled coil makes me smile as we both know that heat is the greatest enemy of any electrical or electronic device . So I think what you are doing with a very old idea is great , congratulations. I have one of your systems on my A65 BSA and good as gold. Thankyou Geoff Nuske Renmark S.A.

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