Introducing the Classic Short Dwell Ignition

Author: Tri-Spark   Date Posted:14 May 2024 

Introducing our latest innovation in the Classic range - the Classic Short Dwell!

The Classic Short Dwell is purpose-built for classic British twin or single cylinder engines, offering optimal performance with digital ignition mini coils. It's the perfect solution for enthusiasts who need to maximise space and efficiency without compromising on power.

Farewell to cumbersome black boxes and welcome compact mini coils with the Classic SD. Whether you're racing, customising choppers, or crafting bobbers, this ignition system is designed to deliver exceptional results. 

Key features of the Tri-Spark Classic Short Dwell:

  • Easy starting: Get your engine running smoothly with minimal effort.

  • Anti-kickback: Enjoy a smoother ride with reduced kickback during ignition.

  • Self-test mode: Ensure your system is functioning perfectly at all times.

  • Space-saving design: No need to accommodate a separate black box; everything fits neatly under the points cap.

  • LED timing indicator: Easily set and adjust timing for optimal performance.

  • Extreme temperature resilience: Built to withstand harsh conditions and temperature fluctuations.

  • Simple wiring: Streamlined installation and setup for hassle-free operation.

  • Coil saturation control: Fine-tune your ignition for maximum power output.

  • Australian craftsmanship: Each unit is proudly made in Australia, ensuring quality and reliability.

The Classic Short Dwell includes a Dual Output Digital Mini Coil with leads and caps for twin-cylinder engines, or a Single Output Digital Mini Coil with lead and cap for single-cylinder engines.

Upgrade your classic ride with the Tri-Spark Classic Short Dwell ignition system and experience the perfect blend of performance, convenience, and style.

See our product page for more information on the Classic Short Dwell

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