Introducing the Tri-Spark Compass BMW Ignition

Author: Tri-Spark   Date Posted:21 April 2021 

BMW fans have asked us for it and now it's here!

We are pleased to announce our latest ignition product  - the Compass - a high-performance ignition to suit your 1970s BMW.

The Compass system replaces your points ignition and delivers precise timing, easy starting, improved throttle response and an accurate advance curve.  

We call this system the Compass because the triggering rotor has two points like a compass! It's this unique shape of the Compass rotor and the accurate CNC machining process that gives the required timing stability and accuracy you would expect from electronic ignition.

The control box is completely new and has some unique developments on the inside including high levels of voltage spike protection.

Events such as a battery becoming disconnected while the engine is running can lead to voltages spiking outside of the normal range and must be considered in case a fault does occur.

  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Spike protected to hundreds of volts
  • Continuous overvoltage protected
  • Pickup inputs protected

Reverse polarity is blocked out by a diode on the power input and the pickup inputs can tolerate full battery voltage should a connection go astray. It's designed to take anything the bike can throw at it but in case something extraordinary does happen, the box is repairable thanks to an easily removable sealing compound. 

One of our local customers, Mark, has been enjoying the improvements for a few months now on his restored 1979 BMW R100R.  Mark said he replaced a 12-month-old Dyna III system with the Compass ignition as he was impressed that it did not use the old mechanical advance unit with all its related problems.  You can see the build quality and the thought that went into it, Mark says. The quality fittings and robust wiring loom that exactly fits the application.  Mark found it quick to install with easy-to-follow instructions and once installed the bike is easier to start, idles beautifully and the motor is much stronger across the rev range. 

An ignition system for people who love to ride their BMW!

The pickup unit that replaces the points plate is made by us in Adelaide, South Australia using extreme temperature safe components. Materials like the 300-degree Celsius magnet rating, 200 C winding wire, machined aluminium frame and backing plate along with silicone lead wire gives this part the generous ratings it needs for a happy life inside the hot engine environment. There are no active components inside the pickup unit and it's potted with a flexible sealant to cushion the internals during thermal cycling. 

There's no need to replace your ignition coils but if you want more spark energy and improved performance from your ignition try our Dual Output High Performance Coil.  The Compass Ignition is compatible with the original Bosch 6-Volt coils.

On start-up the Compass skips the first compression stroke to allow for maximum RPM and momentum when it starts sparking - especially important on a high-capacity engine.

The tiny control box (also made in Adelaide) is easy to hide under the fuel tank and it's fully sealed against vibration and moisture. It uses a high-speed processor to generate the timing required for coil saturation and the advance curve without delays or jitter.

Improved reliability, maintenance free and better performance in an easy to install package - the Compass System for your BMW ticks all the boxes!

See our product page for information and pictures of the Compass Ignition for BMW.


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Honda GL1000

By: on 20 May 2021
Steve, this is great for BMS riders! Waiting breathlessly for a Honda GL1000 ignition! LOL

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