Launching a New Ignition for the British Triple Cylinder Bikes - Triple Flex

Author: Tri-Spark   Date Posted:24 November 2022 

Triple Flex Ignition System

New from Tri-Spark is the Triple Flex system for your Trident or Rocket 3. We are excited to offer a powerful and versatile ignition system for our favourite triples. This system has the best of both worlds – simplicity of the wasted spark and the power of single fire systems.
  • Flexible coil options! Use 6-volt, 12 volt or digital mini coils!
  • Easy starting
  • Set and forget no maintenance required
Advance curve tuned for steady idle, good throttle response and fuel-efficient riding
The pickup unit is built on a robust aluminium plate with the cable attached and ready for easy installation. There’s a cover over the hall sensor, extra support for the cable and no exposed connections. A hole in the backing plate aligns with the triggering rotor for foolproof static timing.
The control box is based on our well proven compass design featuring extreme high voltage power surge capability and flexible  coil options. You can use the same box for 6-volt, 12 volt and mini digital coils – a first! The box has a removable potting compound making it easily repairable if needed.
Customers have asked for a robust and powerful system that’s easy to install and works great on the road and here it is.  Simple screw terminal connections to the bike's wiring makes it flexible for all installations wherever the box is installed on the bike.
You’ve worked hard to restore your bike and keep it looking great – why not have a high-performance ignition system with all the advantages of the Triple Flex!

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