Southern Triples Rally 2019

Author: Tri-Spark   Date Posted:20 March 2019 

7th Southern Triples Rally Daylesford, Victoria (14-17 March 2019) 

This year the ‘Southern Triples Rally’ for BSA Rocket Three and Triumph Trident riders was moved to Victoria at the suggestion of several triple owners. The previous rallies were held in southern NSW and SA to compliment the well-established and very popular northern NSW triples rallies organised by Col McAndrew in Evan’s Head.

There was a great turn out with local triple riders and from further afield - SA, NSW, WA and a dedicated group from Queensland.  The roads around Daylesford are fantastic for riding and the historic local towns are a great place to stop for a break. The weekend was an outstanding success!

The caliber of the bikes was most impressive making the job of judging very difficult but what a joy to be riding with such great machines and competent riders.

Can't wait for next year.

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Comments on Classic Triple

By: on 8 April 2019
This Southern Triples Rally in Daylesford was the first time out on my R3 with it's new Tri Spark system fitted. I have had my R3 for over 40 years with points Ignition, Rita and since the mid 90's Boyer, all of which have worked very well even starting on electric starter. The bike is now running better than ever and when stopping at a red light I do not have to keep blipping the throttle to stop it from stalling which has been a pain in the proverbial for as long as I can remember. Also, nothing was done to the bike other than fit the system and 12volt coils, leads, and plug caps. So I am very happy with Tri Spark Joe Fallon

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