Recommended Tri-Spark products for your bike

BMW 1970 - 1979 with points ignition

BMW R50/5, R60/5, R60/6, R60/7 R75/5, R75/6, R75/7, R80, R80TIC R90/6, R90S, R100/7, R100/7T, R100S, R100T,   R100RS,  R100RT, 

  • Tri-Spark Compass System (CS-0060)


BMW Twin late 1970s, 1980 - 1996 with the ignition in the can - see picture below.





Points Ignition in the can - R45, R45N, R45T/N, R60TIC, R60/7, R65, R65/T, R75/7, R80, R80TIC, R100/7T, R100T, R100CS, R100RS, R100RT, R100S.  Electronic ignition in the can - R45, R45N, R45T/N, R65, R65 20KW, R65 35KW, R65GS, R65LS, R65RT, R65T, R80, R80 85-87, R80G/S, R80GS, R80GS PD, R80R, R80R Mystik, R80RT,  R80ST, R100/7T, R100/T, R100CS, R100GS,  R100GS PD, R100R, R100R Mystik, R100RS, R100RT, R100TIC

  • Tri-Spark Compass System (CS-0065)


BMW R69 1968

  • 6-Volt Dual Lead Ignition Coils (IGC-2006) in place of the magneto