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The Classic Triple for Triumph Trident, BSA Rocket Three and Hurricane engines has all the ignition performance you need for your machine - WITHOUT THE BLACK BOX. We were asked for a simplified installation with superior running and here it is!

Advances in technology have enabled us to make this high performance sequential firing system in a compact design with only five wire connections. This high precision system with a built-in self test button is tailored exclusively for the Triumph Trident, BSA Rocket Three, T160 and Hurricane machines.

Easy starting and a smooth idle with high performance through the rev range as you would expect for your triple! Compatible with cylindrical 12 volt Lucas style coils (6 volt coils if a ballast resistor is fitted).

Unlike other systems that are wasted spark - This one puts the full battery voltage into each coil as required for individual sparks per cylinder. Higher spark energy is the result with much less degradation in performance when the battery is a bit flat.

NOT to be used with miniature coils.

Suitable for Triumph Trident, BSA Rocket Three, T160 and Hurricane machines.

Required accessories if using 6-volt coils

  • Ballast resistor (required when using 6-volt coils);  (60-4516)
  • Spark plug lead (3 required).   Right angle coil end (SPL-0020) or  Straight coil end (SPL-0010)
  • NGK 5k suppressor caps (3 required). Spark plug cap (SPL-0030) or Small spark plug cap (SPL-0040)

Recommended accessories

  • 12V Tri-Spark high performance coils - 3 required (no ballast resistor required – cleaner installation); (IGC-1012)
  • Spark plug lead (3 required).   Right angle coil end (SPL-0020) or  Straight coil end (SPL-0010)
  • NGK 5k suppressor caps (3 required). Spark plug cap (SPL-0030) or Small spark plug cap (SPL-0040)


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Brand Tri-Spark
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By: on 18 May 2024
I purchased a very low mileage T160 (2400mls) ex USA did all the correct things plugs , points all fluids etc. and after having to get it transported back home a couple times due to points failure and fouled plugs ,I purchased the complete "Classic Triple " set up including the recommended coils ,leads and resistor caps and had it professionally fitted. Bike has done over 8000mls now and Ive never looked back and with the easier starting my starter motor is not protesting.Steve at Tri-Spark is great to deal with and has awesome back up service.

Excellent product and great customer service

15 January 2021
I have purchased and installed the Tri-Spark system in my Trident T150 (and also one in my Norton Commando). They are easy to install and add great reliability to my ride. The service I have had from Steve is superb. No hesitation recommending their products.

Truly excellent, can recommend without hesitation.

20 July 2020
After researching and reading up about all the various electronic ignition systems available for my classic T160’s, I decided to fit Tri Spark to both machines, replacing the old but reliable Lucas Rita’s that had been on both for decades. As I needed to replace the 4v coils used on the Rita’s, I decided to go the whole hog and fit Tri Spark coils and leads too, so the whole system was using their recommended kit. The restoration of both bikes took far longer than I had anticipated, but when I finally fitted the systems I had purchased over a year earlier I was really impressed with the quality. Somehow a wasted spark system never seemed right, so the Tri Sparks appealed to my sense of efficiency and the benefits have become apparent since - excellent performance on both machines across the whole rev range. Best of all, if for any reason your battery voltage gets low, the Tri sparks perform faultlessly even if the starter is struggling with a discharged battery after the bikes have been left for some time with their alarms on. I really can’t thank Tri Spark enough - from my experience, a well engineered, high quality product that is well worth the money, oh and a great, friendly service too!

Very Happy with Tri-Spark

By: on 9 April 2019
This Southern Triples Rally in Daylesford was the first time out on my R3 with it's new Tri Spark system fitted. I have had my R3 for over 40 years with points Ignition, Rita and since the mid 90's Boyer, all of which have worked very well even starting on electric starter. The bike is now running better than ever and when stopping at a red light I do not have to keep blipping the throttle to stop it from stalling which has been a pain in the proverbial for as long as I can remember. Also, nothing was done to the bike other than fit the system and 12volt coils, leads, and plug caps. So I am very happy with Tri Spark Joe Fallon

Trispark solves kickback issue on T150V Trident

By: on 24 December 2018
I have a T150V that was giving a kickback consistently on the first kick after priming. I replaced the Boyer unit with a Trispark and the bike is no longer trying to snap my leg off. I had a similar problem on my Norton 850MKIII and also replaced the Boyer with a Trispark and it stopped kicking back. Well Done! Trispark.

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