Classic Twin Ignition Important Update

Author: Tri-Spark   Date Posted:18 January 2022 

A good way to start the new year is with renewal and that’s what we have done with our best selling ignition - the Classic Twin.  

We have made some important updates to our Classic Twin electronic ignition for British motorbikes like the Norton Commando, Triumph twins, BSA twins and singles and some others.

Until now the Classic Twin was available in two versions for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation (TRI-0005A, TRI-0005B). These two versions have now been combined into one ignition that works for all engines (TRI-0006).

What’s the same

The Classic Twin ignition has always been a proven drop-in system for the British bikes and you will find the new version has all the same benefits and features as before.

  • Easy starting
  • Anti kickback
  • Self-test mode
  • No black box - complete unit under the points cap
  • LED for setting the timing
  • Extreme temperature safe
  • Simple wiring
  • Coil saturation control
  • Made in Australia

There is no change to the temperature safe components or construction methods and it is still made here in Australia.  

What’s new 

The new part number TRI-0006 supersedes the TRI-0005A/B.  The new TRI-0006 stator unit  can be used as a replacement for both of the earlier versions however the installation instructions are different so you must use the instructions for your version.

Installing the Classic Twin ignition is now even easier.  A new and improved installation booklet ensures that whatever engine you have, installation will be straightforward. We strive to make the Classic Twin the best improvement you can make to your Classic Bike and to keep on earning great reviews from riders around the world!

 Check out the product page on our website and we would love to hear your feedback.


Suitable for Triumph Unit Twins T100  T120  TR7RV - T140 Bonneville - Tiger - Daytona -  Norton Atlas - Norton CommandoEnfield Interceptor series 1 and 2 -  BSA unit twins A50  A65 B50BSA singles B25 - Triumph singles Tiger Cub.


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Great Product,quick question

By: on 7 February 2022
In 2016 I fit a Tri-Spark to my 1970 RE Series 2 Interceptor. I'm very pleased,and will be fitting one on a BSA unit twin. Curious as to the reason for discontinuing the idle stabilization feature. Thank you for this fine, reliable, product.

Shop owner Using Tri Spark Exclusively

By: on 29 January 2022
I have a shop here in Sacramento, California and I only recommend your Tri Spark system for all the Brit bikes I work on. I have used most of the systems out there and yours is the only one that has not failed when touring on my classic bikes. My customers have nothing but praise for how easy to start their bikes are after removing the competitors elec ignition. Most systems offered claim easy starting - that is most often not the case. Tri Spark is flat out the best! Denis J at The Vintage Monkey

B50 is a Single

By: on 26 January 2022
Not of any real importance but just for accuracy the press release/advert states: 'Suitable for BSA unit twins, A65, B50; BSA singles, B25 etc. The B50 is a 500cc Single. The Triumph TR25W Trophy 250 is also a Single,

Norton 850 and 750

By: on 26 January 2022
I have fitted my two Nortons and Triumph Bonny with Tri Spark ignitions and have had trouble free motoring ever since I installed them.They have always started first kick with no kick backs and have had them in for several years now trouble free. Ease of installation and have always got a quick and timely response from Steve when needed. I have found out of all the ignitions I've tried over the years to be the best after I persisted with Magneto's for many years. Do yourself a favour and install a Tri Spark ignition. Greg Cairns Newcastle NSW.

Good to know

By: on 25 January 2022
My 19BSA Thunderbolt is nearing the final stages of the restoration. When I fire it up and see if all the new wiring and upgraded electronics including the Tri Spark ignition works then we see. The new system looks great.

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