Magneto Replacement for Vincent V Twins

Author: Tri-Spark   Date Posted:27 March 2019 

Now you can replace the worn out magneto on your Vincent V Twin with a modern electronic ignition from Tri-Spark.  Many requests from Vincent owners has led us to develop a special version of the magneto kit for the Vincent.

You get the benefits of electronic ignition with no more magneto problems.  It is not visible on your bike as it fits neatly under the Vincent's magneto cover.  It replaces the Lucas KVF (3 bolt flange) magneto originally supplied with the Vincent engines.

The kit includes the housing, Classic Twin ignition system, dual output coil, leads and spark plug caps.  You will get the benefits of easy starting and idle stabilisation.

The system is fully digital with extreme spark stability and LED static timing indicator. The other benefits are:

  • Easy starting without kickback
  • No black box
  • Extreme temperature safe
  • Race proven

To avoid the expense of rebuilding your worn out Magneto and get the benefits of electronic ignition, order your Magneto Replacement today.

 View the video to see the easy starting.


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