Installation Instructions

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Classic Twin TRI-0006 - Triumph, Norton, BSA, Enfield. 2022 version

Classic Twin A/B version TRI-0005 - Triumph Norton BSA Enfield

Classic Triple TRI-0002 - Trident and Rocket 3

Classic Triple SD TRI-0002SD - Short Dwell Wiring Diagram

Tri-Spark Black Box TRI-0001 Trident and Rocket 3 

Compass for BMW 1970 - 1979

Compass for BMW Twins 1980 - 1996

Compass for Yamaha XS650 1970 -1985

Compass for Moto Guzzi twin point distributor

FireBox Pro Honda CB400 500 550 750

FireBox Pro Moto Guzzi 

FireBox Pro British Twin - Triumph Norton BSA Enfield

FireBox Pro Programming Kit 

MRK-0001 Magneto Replacement Kit Triumph, BSA Twin

MRK-0002 Magneto Replacement  Vincent V Twin

MOSFET 20 Amp Voltage Rectifier Regulator - VR-0030

Alternator Kits - Lucas

Ignition Warranty General

Trouble Shooting Guides

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Classic Twin A/B version - TRI-0005 A/B testing/trouble shooting guide

Triple Black Box TRI-0001 trouble shooting guide

Misfiring at 3000 to 4000 RPM - Caused by Voltage Regulator



Q) What Spark Plugs do you suggest?  A) I use NGK B8ES.  We suggest you check with your motorcycle's manual for the recommended spark plugs for your bike.

Q) Should I use resistor or non-resistor plugs and caps? A)  Your answer in this blog post

Q) Are iridium spark plugs OK? A) There is no harm in using iridium spark plugs like NGK BPR7EIX; with these plugs we recommend non-resistor caps like NGK LZFH.

Q) Does the Dual Lead Igntion Coil 6 or 12-Volt (IGC-2012, IGC-2006) have positive and negative for wiring?  A) They do not have negative or positive you can wire them either way.

Q) The ignition warning light assimilator won't go out on my Norton Commando?  A) The warning light assimilator is not compatible with any regulator rectifier unit that are available.  They were designed to work with the zenor diode rectifier set-up from Lucas.