Magneto Replacement Distributor Body - New Design

Author: Tri-Spark   Date Posted:27 October 2022 

We have been asked many times by our customers over the ten year we have been selling the Magneto Replacement kits if they could look more like the original magneto that it is replacing.  

Taking a fresh approach and listening to our customers is what we do here at Tri-Spark so  we have developed a new distributor body housing.  We hope our customers are pleased with the results from the overall look and the functionality.  

With the black cap we believe we have achieved the original look for our classic motorbikes.  The additional improvements are:

  • Allowed more room under the cap for the wiring
  • Moved the exit point for the wires to the side so they can come out more discreetly under the frame.  
  • We've used anodised durable finishes in black and clear that won’t show fingerprints and are easily cleaned.
  • The compatibility with the drive gear taper and shaft is maintained.  

The new distributor body will look superb on your classic bike. Electronic ignition is an excellent enhancement for your bike.  With the benefits of electronic ignition you will have no more Magneto problems - maintenance free.  

The Magneto Distributor body replaces the standard K1F, K2F, KVF magneto or distributor on pre-unit bikes.

We offer the Magneto Replacement Distributor body on its own or you can purchase it with our no black box  Classic Twin ignition system as a  kit.  The kit includes ignition and the distributor, coil, caps, instruction manual and some hardware. 

We have magneto replacements kits for the following bikes:

British twin cylinder bikes

Triumph/BSA single cylinder bikes

Vincent V Twins

Vincent Singles

Velocette Singles

As always we love to hear your questions and feedback.



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